The picture for Tin Gonzalez shows as a broken image link

Brant Langer Gurganus

In the chat feature, the image for Tin Gonzales shows as a broken image. The image link goes to www.dropbox.com/s/mwckb0h57q82ldk/tin.jpg?dl=0 which instead of being the image is a Dropbox share/download page for the image. It might work if ?dl=1 were used on the URL but that might force the image to download instead of just serve the image and let the receiving end handle it. This looks like an issue in the lemtalk/talkus.io product since the picture doesn't show at talkus.io/s.html?appId=Y7N7v68nRdS9PBPMj&mod=users&id=UGJKZN2QZ either. Or it is just a configuration issue on her account where it's a URL is used for the image that doesn't work.


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Jonathan Levi

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